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    I am hoping someone can guide me to advise if I am doing something wrong or have found an anomaly. If I start IrfanView through the GUI and open a 1080 MP4 video (1920 x 1080) and press <Enter> to take it full screen (1768 x 992), the video scales to fill the entire display. If I start it from the command line with the /fs switch, it does not. Irfranview itself is full screen, but the video does not scale to fill the entire screen. It is in a window that mostly fills the screen, but there is a black bar along the bottom and right side. However, if I start from the command line with a JPG picture, it does scale the picture. If I then press <Space> to take me to the next item (which is the video) it does now scale to fill the entire screen. I can start the video from the command line, hit <Space> to take me to the next item and then <Backspace> to take me back to the video and it will now scale to fill the entire screen. I am only seeing the windowed video when I start it from the command line and only until I move away from it. If I move to a picture and back or another video and back, it now scales as expected.

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    I would use a dedicated media player for playing videos. IrfanView is a great picture viewer, but the video playback is quite limited.
    MPlayer is a command line media player, it's free and has built-in codecs.
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