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Thread: irfanview is changing the colour

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    Default irfanview is changing the colour


    I am working on a Project for an artist and have to downsize lots of photos, so i found irfanview that can do a whole batch with one click, instead of downsizing each foto (there are about 400 photos so,...)

    Now i tried it and without any colour changing settings it will change the colour dramatically. I tried several colour changing setting after that, but i dont get the right (original) colour.

    I cant upload the images, because its too big and if i make it smaller the colour is already changed and I cant show the difference.

    Is there something like "original colour preserve" - I just need the fotos to be a little bit smaller, not to change the original colour

    Can anyone help? That would be so awesome and preserve lots of time for me


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    What image format are you using?

    Are the colors right, when you just open the picture in IrfanView?

    Are the colors right, when you manually resize the picture and save?
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    Perhaps upload an original sample to, Dropbox or some similar service (that does not change images in any way), so we don't have to guess. Could be a colour profile issue.

    Make sure, that you have Colour management enabled in Settings.

    Be well!
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