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Thread: I need ghostscript for Opening PDF's

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    Default I need ghostscript for Opening PDF's

    I would like to alter a pdf picture someone sent me.

    If I right click on the pdf I get a box that allows me to 'open with' and one of the options is Irfanview. When I click on 'open with Irfanview' it says "Can't load ghostscript or ghostscript error" etc and offers me the chance to download ghostscript from sourceforge's web site.
    This I have done.

    I then went into Irfanview's pull down tab Options/properties/settings. If I click on the postscript options box at the bottom of the page I get another box that offers me the option of putting the ghostscript location in a box below a radio button that I click on for a custom path. I have added the location of the ghostscript .dll file and saved my change if I come out and go back into the page the option is set as I altered it.
    I have closed down the computer and restarted but still get the box saying "Can't load Ghostscript or Ghostscript error" etc.

    If I leave 'Retrieve GS location from system" etc highlighted it still fails in the same way.
    Does anyone know what I am missing?
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    First, update to the latest version 4.56 and install the plugins for that versions.

    I think you should not need the Ghostscript plugins if this option is selected:

    Click image for larger version. 

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