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Thread: SWF/FLV support in 2021?

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    Thank you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JendaLinda View Post
    The standalone Flash projector is still working as expected.
    It does but not for all types of SWF.

    There is a file I use on a daily basis which only worked in Swiff Player prior to the 12th - a calculator where the screen changed based on option selected. I am not sure what the term would be, it wasn't a game or movie. Most players can't seem to handle it.

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    The Flash Player projector seems to be a sufficient replacement for Flash playback in IrfanView.

    I have no idea what specific application are you using, but the author of the application should have ported it to a different technology. The end of support of Flash player was announced a long time ago.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ponch View Post
    How did they kill it? Is there a way back? Thanks.
    That is what I am wondering. I never even installed Flash Player on my new PC, and only just found that both IrfanView and Media Player Classic just show a useless symbol instead of the content (a symbol that does not respond to either mouse click or hover events). There is nothing in the IrfanView FAQ about this, or any notification. I did not realise that Adobe had the power to reach out and terminate standalone players, and indeed I have updated nothing in relation to IrfanView or its plugins lately: the embedded Flash plugin has commit suicide in both programs.

    Since it has not occurred on an offline PC, that suggests it was not timebombed, meaning that there was some kind of phone-home behaviour that allowed it to detect when it could be killed. Possibly Adobe intended to allow them to discontinue their permission for anyone to even own such a player, and they used this mechanism to terminate it.

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    Browser plugins received the "timebomb" a few versions ago. An offline PC probably did not update the Flash plugin and is still on an older version which continues to work. IrfanView was not a standalone program. It may appear that way, but the complexity of Flash requires code from Adobe to work, and all IrfanView does is call the MSIE/ActiveX browser plugin to do the work.

    I think we should avoid using programs that rely on system codecs this way, as those can get switched out unintentionally. This also happens with patented next-gen image formats.

    For the time being, Adobe offers a truly standalone player. Choose the projector without debug.

    Older versions of Flash player for advanced users can also be found on Windows Legacy Update. Click Catalog and type "Flash" in the search box below "PC98". It is a website operated by an MSFN member, a fan of Windows 2000.

    One can do a special dance to enable the latest version to work, or apparently seek out a special Flash player for China. This is unreasonable, as older versions continue to work just fine. And the "security" issues are not a big deal if you only run selected, tested applications.

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    Default Adobe cron virus and removing Kill switch or downgrading to non kill switch

    To keep things short not a great writer.

    1. I use flash active x via Irfanview to browse through my flash files, really fast and really quickly. Irregardless of what kind of flash file it may be. Now I can not. Your viewer is the most simplest and fastest solution for viewing flash. However many buttons can only be used in Web browser.

    2. About location of primary problem concerning adobe cron virus.

    This find has been circulating the web slowly. I am attempting to find out which hex values but the problem might even have to do with the registery value


    A hexadecimal string 000040463E6F7742 in NPSFWXX_32_0_0_465.dll (XX = bitness, either 32 or 64) with a hex editor, replace it with eg. 0000C02055148042, that will just change the year from 2021 to 2040. It's a unique string, so only one will be found as long as you got the right file. The string represents time elapsed since Unix epoch in milliseconds, stored as 64-bit double precision float number (no fractional part).

    The DLLs are in:

    C:\Windows\System32\Macromed\Flash - 64-bit Flash on 64-bit OS or 32-bit Flash on 32-bit OS
    C:\Windows\SysWOW64\Macromed\Flash - 32-bit Flash on 64-bit OS

    However the location of the actual string might differ, as my Windows 10 ( and Windows 8 ) both have updates ( different numbers ) that claims it is the latest version. However that again is a switch.

    If successful the year will be 2040 instead of 2021.

    3. Are possible for locations after uninstall to remove ( not all files but files concerning X version of active x player ) contents from
    the locations.

    %appdata%\Adobe\Flash Player
    %appdata%\Macromedia\Flash Player

    Been trying to delete the files in the locations but windows is preventing me. I will try load drive in another machine as last resort. Crude
    but I backup files to compressed folder ( non zip ), and then attempt reinstall of early version of flash.

    4. Windows 10 update ( not sure for other Windows ) KB4577586 will further prevent a user from installing any other version of the active X player. Only persons able to run flash would be

    A. Animators using software.
    B. People using incomplete flash players ( like Irfanview earlier plugin ), or Newsgrounds player
    C. People using flash players from adobe ( however testing they have lack of buttons as with Web players )
    D. People making executable flash as with "Super Smash Flash" with network capabilities.

    Further updates might even cause problems with related flash material.

    Turn off Windows Updates unless you absolutely need to. Most security fixes are not security but edits to the OS making ( problems like the ones we have now forcing people into something else like HTML5 ).

    5. About Flash updates. The Control panel usually have the ability to turn off flash updates ( but make sure your flash version does not have the kill/cron switch version otherwise no flash.

    I got this problem when I decided to update/install my adobe animate/flash software. I guess it upgraded my Windows 10 to the latest flash ??? Since I never use Windows update. I test my Windows 8 ( which is family computer ) and I can still run flash in Irfanview, so I guess it is not updated ????

    6. Windows 10 is preventing me from installing any new/old versions of flash. Why ? Windows has a switch apparently blocks non Windows updates installs of active x flash

    7. Otherwise Adobe officially claim to have anti-kill switch solution via creating mms.cfg file.....


    put a mms.cfg file into the following locations



    This covers both the 32 and 64 bit version of IE11

    Example MMS.CFG file


    Restart IE


    The mms.cfg file could allow us to undo all of this, or even allow just for Irfanview to run flash with no problems so.

    8. Last solution ( Usually my first guess ) would be editing the register via regedit since I know there must be a switch, number to be change. I have checked and have found many adobe flash references but nothing so far about prevention. I have been playing around with the registry from when I was younger, backing up the register, and or even making a backup point for the OS probably the best option before performing any changes. As with Mac OSX Library ( register for OSX machines )


    So I have covered peoples findings and ideas on how to deal with this problem. If there was something I could use to repair the problem Adobe caused I would use it.

    I just want to browse through Irfanview without having to right click the .SWF in order to use the viewer/debugging tool.....

    Thank you for reading, great viewer and all
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