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    I am new to the forum, new to irfanview, and need some help. I have read great things about the program and have downloaded it and I have version 4.1.
    However, I cannot figure out how to do 2 things:
    1. How do I load an image from a mini cd to Irfanview? Now you know what little knowledge I have!!
    2. I need to change te dpi of an image from 72 to 300 and can't figurer that out either.
    A simple set of directions would be greatly appreciated!!!
    thank you,

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    To change DPI for the currently loaded image, click the "i" icon ("i" for information) on the IrfanView toolbar. Change the DPI, click OK, and save the image.

    To get to the CD...either use Windows Explorer ("My Computer") to browse to the drive that it is in or open IrfanView, open the Thumb viewer (just hit the "T" key on the keyboard), and do it. You will see your CD drives in the folder tree (left pane of the thumb viewer).

    That help any? (Newbs is so cute )
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    I'm curious to know if you read this thread? Please Read Before Posting. You wouldn't be the first person to post before reading it. Perhaps there is something we can do to make it clearer or more difficult to miss?

    "Need help" doesn't tell us anything. Nearly everyone who posts here needs help. If someone is searching for solutions, they won't find your thread either. So I have renamed it to "Changing Image DPI."

    Why do you wish to change the image DPI? Has someone asked you for a higher resolution image? If so, changing the DPI from 72 to 300 will achieve nothing. It will just print out much smaller. A 4" image @ 72 dpi bcomes less than 1" @ 300 dpi. You can resize the image with Control R to increase the number of pixels, but that won't improve the image either. It will just make it blurred.

    What you need is an original with more detail in it. A 6" x 4" photo print scanned @ 300 dpi will have 1800 x 1200 pixels.

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