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Thread: Fisheye to cylindrical panorama converter

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    Default Fisheye to cylindrical panorama converter

    If you own a fisheye lens, you may want to convert the images to cylindric panoramas like the ones produced by the "swing lens" panoramic cameras invented about 100 years ago.
    I have developed a converter that works with IrfanView to do the job. The native file format of the converter is BMP but the converter will automatically call IrfanView whenever file conversion is needed. This means that you can convert any image format supported by IrfanView. After conversion, the converter will open the converted image in an IrfanView window where you can work with it as you please.
    You will have the choice between 3 different cylindrical projections: "normal" (swing lens type), Mercator and equirectangular. Also, the converter can transform fisheye images into rectilinear images with "academic" perspective" if you prefer that.
    The converter uses the mapping function of the Samyang 8mm fisheye. This is the only fisheye available to me right now. Also, it is probably the best fisheye presently available for this purpose. Therefore, the program has been named Samyang.exe. However, the program documentation provides rather detailed information for users who would like to use the program with a different fisheye lens.
    The program is, of course, freeware. But I would like feedback if you try to use it.

    Download information:
    The program Samyang.exe is here: .
    Documentation in English is here: .
    Documentation in Danish is here: .
    The download page speaks Danish only. Sorry about that. Just hit the big, orange colored download button.

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