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Thread: Adding EXIF Date to Pictures

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    Default Adding EXIF Date to Pictures

    With the text tool it is possible to add date and time to an image. This are the current time and date of the sytem.
    However, for legal photos it is desirable (here in the Netherlands, so I expect in the total EC) to add the date to a photo. Unfortunately not all digital cameras will produce a date stamp on a photo. So you have to add those with eg IrfanView. The EXIF dates are legally accepted.
    Would it be possible to stamp the date (and/or time) from the EXIF in stead of the system time and date? Or maybe include also other data from the EXIF in this way.

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    Hi Wim,

    Edit | Insert text into selection. You can add EXIF date/time. More info in the help for that command.


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    Is it possible to apply the EXIF dates to photos using a batch process? My new camera does not automatically add the date to the photo itself and I would like to be able to automate the process a little.

    I can manually select an area and then select EDIT -> Insert Text into selection -> and then I enter $T(%m.%d.%Y) into the field.

    It would be very nice to be able to set this as a batch job when I have many pictures to do.

    Thank you for your help!

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    lossless jpeg toolbox

    Check out those tools, the date stamp can batch imprint (watermark) fully customized exif date into the image (that's what i understood you desired).
    The bonus extra: it does so lossless, only the area being stamped is affected by recompression.

    If you need to add missing exif-date:

    ExifTool GUI requires ExifTool (works as two files together in one folder, no installation)
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