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Thread: CR2 support - incorrect size reported

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    Default CR2 support - incorrect size reported

    The size in pixels reported by Irfanview is incorrect.
    For my 20D (CR2 raw files), the size reported is about 1/3 of the effective size.

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    Default Same for 5D

    I have both a Canon EOS 5D and 20D. I'm a pro photog, and use the 20D mostly for backup.

    I've just noticed that IV 4.10 is incorrectly interpreting the resolution of my CR2 images. On the 5D, the RAW (CR2) resolution is 4368x2912, but IV is reporting them as 2496x1664.

    This is more than just a display error; it appears that IV is downsampling the images as it opens them. If I use IV to convert the CR2 images (i.e., to TIFF), they are likewise downsampled. I've confirmed this behavior on both my PCs.

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    I have a Canon 40D, and same issue with CR2. 4.5MB file shows up as a size of 56.29KB, becomes 160x120. Are we looking at only the JPG thumbnail?
    Full size raw files work fine. Thanks for otherwise massive excellence!
    Support Irfanview, I do! (flat black) (starfield)

    EXIF data for IMG_2599.CR2:
    ImageWidth - 1936
    ImageLength - 1288
    BitsPerSample - 8 8 8
    Compression - 6 (JPG)
    Make - Canon
    Model - Canon EOS 40D
    StripOffset - 38260
    Orientation - Top left
    StripByteCount - 124909
    XResolution - 72
    YResolution - 72
    ResolutionUnit - Inch
    DateTime - 2008:05:17 13:26:05
    ExifOffset - 282
    ExposureTime - 1/90 seconds
    FNumber - 4
    ExposureProgram - Manual control
    ISOSpeedRatings - 800
    ExifVersion - 0221
    DateTimeOriginal - 2008:05:17 13:26:05
    DateTimeDigitized - 2008:05:17 13:26:05
    ComponentsConfiguration - YCbCr
    ShutterSpeedValue - 1/91 seconds
    ApertureValue - F 4.00
    ExposureBiasValue - 0
    MeteringMode - Center weighted average
    Flash - Flash not fired, compulsory flash mode
    FocalLength - 28 mm
    UserComment -
    SubsecTime -
    SubsecTimeOriginal -
    SubsecTimeDigitized -
    FlashPixVersion - 0100
    ColorSpace - sRGB
    ExifImageWidth - 1936
    ExifImageHeight - 1288
    InteroperabilityOffset - 35070
    FocalPlaneXResolution - 2210.05
    FocalPlaneYResolution - 2209.26
    FocalPlaneResolutionUnit - Inch
    CustomRendered - Normal process
    ExposureMode - Manual
    White Balance - Auto
    SceneCaptureType - Standard

    GPS information: -
    GPSVersionID -

    Maker Note (Vendor): -
    Macro mode - Normal
    Self timer - Off
    Quality - RAW
    Flash mode - Not fired
    Sequence mode - Single or Timer
    Focus mode - MF
    Image size - Large
    Easy shooting mode - Manual
    Digital zoom - None
    Contrast - Normal
    Saturation - Normal
    Sharpness - Low , -32769
    ISO Value - 32767
    Metering mode - Center weighted
    Focus type - Auto
    AF point selected -
    Exposure mode - Manual
    Focal length - 28 - 135 mm (1 mm)
    Flash activity - Not fired
    Flash details -
    Focus mode 2 - 65535
    White Balance - Auto
    Sequence number - 0
    Flash bias - 0 EV
    Subject Distance - 0
    Image Type - Canon EOS 40D
    Firmware Version - Firmware Version 1.0.3
    Owner Name - Hans Schulze
    Camera Serial Number - xxx
    File number - 000 - 0000

    Thumbnail: -
    JpegIFOffset - 37220
    JpegIFByteCount - 1037

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    Exclamation Canon Cr2 Issues

    The 8 mpixel Canon xT produces CR2 files under two different "quality" settings. One of them produces both a RAW CR2 format file and a JPEG format file while the other setting produces only the CR2 format file.

    Irfanview correctly reports and reproduces the CR2 file in the first case, the one where both CR2 and JPEG formats are produces, as 3456 X 2304 pixels. Irfanview misrepresents and misreports the CR2 files that the xT produces in the CR2 only setting. It both shows them as 1536 x 1024. Saves oif these misreported files in other formats produce images 1536 x 1024. It appears that Irfanview reduces the images to the 1536 X 1024 size.

    As is obvious, there is some difference between the CR2 files saved in one setting from the CR2 files produced in the other setting, a difference that confounds Irfanview. I have had extensive correspondence with Canon demonstrating that, since Irfanview does it right in the combo case, its doing it wrong in the CR2 only case must be a consequence of siome difference between the CR2 files produced under the two different settings. Natually Canon has dismissed my question as raising a question about Irfanview despite the fact that the question to Canon is what is done differently between the two CR2 settings and why is there such a difference. My correspondence with Canon can be made available on request.

    Of course this is a matter of no importance since it can be circumvented by using the combo setting and simply discarding the JPEGs that setting produces, albeit at some waste of memory since the combo CR2 is large that the sole CR2 and the JPEG is extant for a period.

    I suspect our hero Irfan can identify the cause of this twist and make his next version independent of which Canon CR2 format setting is chosen. Although I always have minor issues with everything, this is already a great program. Someone ought to send Irfan a pile of money.

    Ira G

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    I am using the Canon 400D and have run into the same problem of the CR2 files reporting the incorrect size in the EXIF data.
    Whilst using dcraw and exiftool within a perl script to resize the images for my webpage, I found the that the images taken as a JPG + CR2 pair turned out with the correct image size.
    The images that were solely CR2 images turned out much smaller.
    The maximum image resolution for 400D is 3888 x 2592.
    Irfanview plus exiftool were reporting the image size in the EXIF data to be 1936 x 1288.

    Here are links to the files I have used, feel free to use them for testing:
    JPG+CR2 pair
    Solo CR2

    The file sizes are as follows:

    So with a little more digging, the CR2 raw files include a Preview Image and a Thumbnail Image as binary data. Checking the size of the binary data for the JPG + CR2 pair, I found the Preview Image binary data 3328187 bytes. The JPG file size as shown by the shell environment is 3338829 byes. In this case the EXIF data also reported the correct image res of 3888x2592, so basically for the JPG+CR2 pair the full res JPG is stuffed inside the CR2 file.

    Heres a link to the exiftool data, the binary info can be found near the bottom:
    I have also included the dcraw output data, because it reports the thumbnail size:

    Meanwhile with the quality setting as solely CR2 in the camera, it appears that down sampling is done for the Preview Image which is 1936 x 1288.
    See below for the exif data which shows a significantly smaller Preview Image size.
    Now this is the part that I require clarification on as it appears that the camera is setting the ImageWidth and ImageHeight entries in the EXIF data to the size of the Preview Image and not to the full image size which seems logical to me that it should, as its the raw image were concerned with not the preview jpg.
    Is this a bug in the way that Canon writes the CR2 files, or am I perhaps using the incorrect EXIF entries to determine the image resolution?

    Confirmed with IrfanView 4.20 with plugins and canon dll´s installed.

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    Default Yes, it is loading the preview image (default option setting!)

    Everyone: Please check your settings at
    Options > Properties > PlugIns > Try to load embedded preview image

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    Did you notice that this thread is four years old?

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