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Thread: Reliable PC?

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    That would be interesting, but -- heh -- I already bought my next computer, a refurbished Gateway that fits my budget and should pretty well fit my needs

    ETA: When I get it going again....

    Vista committed suicide before I was one tenth through customizing my new environment. Most amazing bluescreen mess I ever saw. Gateway's wonderful recovery system failed utterly, all it did was finish destroying what was left. I am not happy. But I have bought a real Vista install disk, and sent for the latest version of Ubuntu, so I hope soon to have a nice dual-boot. Meanwhile, still using the old one.

    Every computer that I ever got for free has been as reliable as I could make it. Some of them were given up for dead before I got them. None ever died on the job. Now I go and buy one, and BAMPF! No one had better try to tell me that Vista is more stable than previous versions of Windoze.
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