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Thread: mp3 id3 V 2.0 on irfanview?

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    Default mp3 id3 V 2.0 on irfanview?

    There's a way to activate ID3 v 2.0 on irfanview to see mp3 tags? there's some things i would like to see while i'm listening to my mp3 files, as Artist, song, album and the album artwork. theres a way to include it? Tnx.

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    Nice you've noticed, I didn't know.
    Indeed the tag button doesn't show the information from ID3 v 2.0.

    I guess showing album artwork is out of the question anyway. You'll have to find other players for that, like XMPlayer.
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    Yeah, i know there a lot of music players (almost all) that do it, but i'd like it could be possible with irfanview. Anyway reading the tag of an mp3 is quite easy. its possible to suggest irfan to include this option?. I could do it but i dont have the source code, and i dont have the permission to do it. Tnx.

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