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Thread: Auto Rotate in the jpg_rotate option

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    Default Auto Rotate in the jpg_rotate option

    I did not find the Auto Rotate in the jpg_rotate option did work as I assumed it would work. That is: I assume it will rotate in such a way that a photo is shown in the correct (top-bottom) position. What does mean "according to EXIF orientation, if available". Must the EXIF information have special characteristics ? Thanks, Leendert.

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    Did you rotate the images or are they just as they came from the camera?

    If you didn't, then your camera must not utilize the EXIF orientation tag, so it will be probably be Top Left. Auto Rotate can't work if the information in EXIF isn't there to determine the correct orientation. Therefore, all your pictures will be as they were shot. You will then have to rotate manually, either temporarily or by saving.

    You should also take this into account.
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