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Thread: v4.20 Wrong usage of APPDATA in INI_Folder when installing

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    Exclamation v4.20 Wrong usage of APPDATA in INI_Folder when installing

    Hi, I just installed Irfanview 4.20 on a WinXP Pro SP3 machine, upgrading from version 3.99, and I found a bug: when, during installation, you choose to put the INI file in the user's Application data folder, the installer actually writes a C:\Program files\Irfanview\i_view32.ini file containing the following option (supposing you are installing as the Administrator user):
    INI_Folder=C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\IrfanView\
    This totally thwarts the purpose of that installer option, because it allows setting program options only for the Administrator user who installed the application, while the original intent was to allow each user on the computer (I have some, also as limited accounts) to set his own options.
    This is the correct option which should be written in the C:\Program files\Irfanview\i_view32.ini file, using the APPDATA environment variable:
    This can of course be changed by hand, by an administrator, as a quick workaround, but it should be fixed in the installer nevertheless.

    I've found this reported in a couple of old threads here, but it was a bit hidden and I've seen no acknowledgement by the author, so here is a more specific bug report.

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    I agree about this dreadful Doc and Settings position. It shouldn't be there.
    Try to install IrfanView in its own directory, outside the dreadful Program Files.
    I don't even have the "INI_Folder=" option in my INI file.
    Rest In Peace, Sam!

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    Already reported to Irfan.
    At 12:41 28.09.2008, you wrote:
    > Dear Irfan,
    > I noticed that the new installer has an option that configures automatically IrfanView to use a per-user configuration file; it is a good thing, but it doesn't work nice (at least XP and 2K boxes).
    > Actually it writes a i_view32.ini file like this:
    > [Others]
    > INI_Folder=c:\documents and settings\UserName\IrfanView\
    > where UserName is the name of the user that it's actually logged on; this isn't right, since when another user tries to use IrfanView, it will still look for the INI file in the same path. The right thing to write is
    > [Others]
    > INI_Folder=%appdata%\IrfanView\
    > Bye
    > Matteo

    Dear Matteo,

    Yes, I already changed this (for the next version) ;-))))
    (some other admins wanted the same)

    The current IrfanView version is 4.20


    IrfanPaint developer
    The latest stable IrfanPaint version is the
    IrfanPaint is now open-source (released under BSD license).

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