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    My camera is Olympus F110. I always end up with DPI 72 but am asked to submit images at DPI 300. My setting on the camera is SHQ which I believe is the largest file. What am I doing wrong? Amelie

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    Dots per inch (DPI) has nothing to do with image size. It is measure of resolution.

    Your printer specifies 300 dpi because that is the resolution he needs for good quality printing without pixelation.

    A 6x4 print @ 300 dpi would be 1800x1200 pixels.
    A 6x4 print @ 72 dpi would be only 432x288 pixels.

    I am sure that your camera is taking much bigger pictures than that, isn't it?

    IrfanView can change the DPI value for you without modifying the picture in any other way. Use the Image Information dialogue (shortcut i) to change the DPI of your images.

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    BTW DPIs don't make sense on a camera, since the camera has no way to know what is the size of the photographed object. They make sense only for printers and scanners.
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