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Thread: Option to retain current TIF compression settings when saving

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    Question Option to retain current TIF compression settings when saving

    Hello, if it isn't possible already, could the option be added to IrfanView to allow saving TIF files with their current compression? In other words, I want to retain the TIF's original compression when I save (CTRL-S). I don't want to hard set the compression to a specific format when saving because I often work with directories full of TIFs with different compressions (Group 4, LZW, none, etc). The worst thing that could happen is that a color image turns into Group 4 compressed black & white image (it's happened before!). This option would also be very useful when running a batch operation. FYI, Faststone Image Viewer already has this capability.

    Thank you!

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    I haven't thought of this problem until just presented. But looking at it now, I see what the OP is commenting about.
    TIFF is a multifaceted type of file format. It can have multiple types of compression, or none at all. It can have multi-pages within the one image file (useful for FAXing purposes), it can even have capabilities of a format that do not permit color pallets (IE. B&W).

    What might be nice is when the Save As window opens that it defaults to, or somehow suggests, the current image file-type. AND, in the case of TIFF images, to also have some sort of hint, or preselection (with some sort of hint) of what the compression type is already present in the opened file. It is a known value, and it can even be seen by pressing the "I" key (see the Compression field), so why not allow the user an easy way of maintaining that property?
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    Irfan will try to add this feature.

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