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Thread: still reindexes after rename

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    Default still reindexes after rename

    Even though I have the box checked in preferences, every time I rename a picture it reindexes then I can't compare that picture to the adjacent pictures.

    I need to be able to look through them the order of the original index, hitting F2 to rename. But I might have 3 or 4 versions of the same picture, I really need to be able compare them and rename them without the sort order getting rescrambled every time I rename.

    I checked permissions on i_view.ini and it doesn't seem to be the issue.

    I have

    This is a very fresh OS install so I grabbed the new version at the time. I think it might never have worked on this OS/install.
    Windows XP sp3, Irfanview 4.20.

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    Also since I'm watching this thread...

    How do I get a "rotate" to stick? I'd love to just zip through all the pics copied off the camera and rename them so I can find the better ones later. If I could rotate them into proper orientation then rename them and have the rotation angle be made permanent that would really be sweet.

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    If I understand you correctly, you want to rename, but not have the images change position. That is not an index problem, rather a sorting problem. Therefore, I believe that your images are not reindexed, as you say.

    Reindexing applies a new index number to the file you've renamed, and moves you to that index number. If you disable this, like you have, then the file is still applied a new number, but you are not moved to it. Instead, you are moved one number back, to place you in the position where you were, before the rename. Pressing Space gives you the next file you'd expect to find, if you didn't rename AND pressing Enter in the directory index field, gives you the previous file.

    Unfortunately, you want neither method. What you want to do is choose Options>Sort directory files>No sort, after initially sorting them the way you want. That way, they will not be resorted when you rename the files. The files will not be applied a new index number, nor will your position in the index change, until the directory is refreshed.

    Rotating. You need to keep separate topics in separate threads.

    Disable auto rotate image in Properties>JPG/PCD/GIF tab. Use the rotate commands and save using the option Reset EXIF orientation tag. Or use Options>JPG Lossless Rotation (SHIFT+J). You can do regular rotation in Batch Conversion and lossless rotation in batch in Thumbnails.

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