the latest version of IrfanView brings a lot of features to customize the interface. Here are some information about how a skin works:


The main location for the skin files is :


Otherwise the program will ignore all your skins - please make sure that the skin files are located under this path !

Skin- files

For a complete skin only two kind of files are needed !

1. The textfile.

These file includes information about the skin- creator and the details about the button number and size. For example a creator file coud look like:

Creator = Steve 
Size    = 16 
Buttons = 19
Size=16 means that the button/icon size is 16x16 pixel. Number 19 for buttons is the default value (should not be modified).

2. The picture

We are using (transparent) png files for storing the button style. Note following sizes are static and could not be changed:

If you are using:

16x16 buttons: height is 16, widht is 304 ( 304x16)

24x24 buttons: height is 24, widht is 456 ( 456x24)

32x32 buttons: height is 32, widht is 608 ( 608x32)

All sizes in pixel !

Don´t forget to adapt the size value in the textfile.


When you have created your textfile and the png_image please use following scheme for the filename:

1. Textfile:



steve_16.txt or steve_24 or steve_32

2. Pngfile:



steve_16.png or steve_24.png or steve_32.png

Variable name and buttonsize need to be identical.

Now have fun in creatings skins and share it with us !!!