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Thread: Resizing Images With IrfanView

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sam_Zen View Post
    By the way, you called it "..went black and white", but that's not the same as "greyscale".
    Black and white is a bitmap of only 2 colours : every pixel only can have RGB values 0-0-0 or 255-255-255
    Greyscale format contains 256 colours (or less, like 16), with only gradiations of grey, meaning every colour contains an equal value in the RGB setting.
    So the greyscale range is from 0-0-0, 1-1-1, 2-2-2, etc up to 254-254-254, 255-255-255.

    Every bitmap with 256 or less colours has a defined 'palette' of the used values. You can view this property via Image/Palette/Edit palette.
    Here is what the picture came out looking like. I also played with the filtering a bit and was able to enlarge the pictures to 195 exactly. But playing with "stuff" and knowing what you are doing are 2 different things.

    I am really enjoying using a camera and definately want to learn alot more. You will be seeing me lurking in here alot, and asking a question or 2 now and again. Thank you. Oh, after I turned the grey scale off, and reloaded the pictures, and re=sized, They are now color. They were allready JPEG's. So it was my goof, Now I know what grey scale does. Again Thank You, Welder
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    Hello good day dear friends,

    this is the exactly the right thread for me as a computerilliterate[thx for this great term]

    well - if i am resizing an image i can have a view on the process while opening the additional infos with Image->Information

    you see information for:

    - imagesize in pixel
    - imagesize in inch
    - size in byte

    - former size in pixel
    - actal size

    see the images for more infos. BTW - Now i am investigating the resize-process via Batch-conversion. All i know this process is an automated way to resice many images in some quick steps... see for more infos

    the Information you get while you choose the Image->Information

    A big big question is - why can i run images that are once shown in a 2500 x 2500 image window
    in a very very small image-window... that is in a new picture!? I am not sure that i have fully understanding why this is possible... If you need more information about my lack of knowldge - please ask... I hope you understand my question... See the picture and imagine my confusion when i am setting up a image - with 100 x 100 pixels - ... that formerly filled 2500 x 2500 pixels... ahhh - i am teribble confused.

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    I read the previous messages (thanks to all, and special
    thanks to Mr. Pesala), but I ask for your help for my needs:
    1) input image:
    1.1) .tif;
    1.2) 8.39 cm width;
    1.3) 4.39 cm Height;
    1.4) 96 dpi;

    2) output image (after Irfanview processing)
    2.1) .tif;
    2.2) 8.39 cm width;
    2.3) 4.39 cm Height;
    2.4) 405 dpi;

    If there is a way to do this in Irfanview,
    let me know, fellows!

    Thanks in advance

    Note 1: this proprierties (1.* and 2.*) were obtained
    through Paint->Proprierties command.
    Note 2: using Irfanview, other proprierties are
    showed. An image is attached to this
    message (the dialogue box resultant of
    "Information" command for input image) to
    show what Irfanview shows me;
    Note 3: The image, target of my post, is also
    attached (alavanca.tif);
    Note4: .tif images are not allowed to upload. So
    I created a .zip file containing the two
    images cited in this message.
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    In simple words, you want to print the picture with the same size (in cm), but with more pixels per cm. - This means you have to resize the picture (in terms of pixels) by a factor of 405/96. - Note: The quality of the picture will not improve in the process!

    Next thing, you change the dpi in the Irfanview information dialogue: fill in your value of 405 for horizontal/vertical dpi, press the change button. The change will only be final when you then save the image.

    The image will now still look 4 times as big on your screen. The dpi value only takes effect when you print the image.


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