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Thread: How to change the background of this photograph?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sam_Zen View Post
    I went to the site of GML but couldn't find any helpfile.
    You are right. It does seem to have disappeared.

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    Well, with the help of a friend I found it again..
    Rest In Peace, Sam!

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    Lightbulb How to cut out dark on dark images

    I have done this successfully, and this is the best method.

    First, up the brightness of your monitor or screen till the image is no longer dark. Do not change the brightness of the image, just your computer monitor. Then, you can see more easily the edge. I then prefer to cut out using paint shop pro with a 1 or 2 feathered edge and the point-to-point selector tool. Then cut the image and paste as a new image and save as a psp file. Then you can paste it onto other backgrounds, and even add a shadow using effects. Remember to turn your brightness back to normal after!

    To up your monitor brightness either use the controls on the unit or right click the desktop and select properties. If your monitor is at maximum brightness already, you can up the brightness of the actual image and then reduce it again when finished, but you will lose some quality. To minimise this loss, expand the picture as much as you can first, to, say, 400% of its original size (or whatever your computer can cope with - make sure it's a double 200, 400, 800 etc), then reduce it back when done, or leave it at 400% if you want, until you have your finished item. Expanding the image will prevent the JPEG converter from creating as many artefacts. If you don't understand this, just trust me and do it anyway!

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