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    Default irfanview for Mac OS X

    Hello. Recently I said good bye to the Windows world and moved myself into the Mac OS X.
    And since that moment I'm missing irfan very much((
    Sometime my despair leads me to thinking about writing something similar to irfan (i'm a programmer)
    But I doubt I can reproduce for acceptable period of time the functionality of your excellent program as well.

    Actually I'm a little confused. Why nobody asked you if you're going to make a Mac OS X version of IrfanView?

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    Quote Originally Posted by heximal View Post
    ... Why nobody asked you if you're going to make a Mac OS X version of IrfanView?
    That isn't right!
    See these threads:
    - "IrfanView-Version für andere Betriebssysteme"
    - "Porting to Linux or MacOS X"
    - "IrfanView for Apple Macintosh"
    - "IrfanView for MAC"
    - "Irfanview equivolent for the Mac"
    - "Irfanview on the Mac"
    - "IrfanView and Mac"
    - "IrfanView on MAC"

    But please accept, it's finally the decision of the programmer, to realize an idea or not!


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    Thanks, Frank, for your reply.
    I was using the search function of your forum before asking and it returned me no results for keyword Mac OS.
    You can try.

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