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Thread: Playing MOV files w/ VLC Player

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    Default Playing MOV files w/ VLC Player


    I have some MOV files that I would like to play with the VLC player. These are files from a Canon 5D MKII camera that don't play well w/ Quicktime. The file association w/ MOV files in Windows is the VLC player but IrfanView wants to use Quicktime. Is there a way to force Irfanview to use VLC?

    This is the VLC player.



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    Just disable the MOV file type association in Properties, Extensions.

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    Actually, there is a way to use VLC as the default irfanview video player.
    1. In the irfranview options select the external video player (iv_player).
    2. Then copy all files from the VLC base directory into the Plugins folder of irfanview.
    3. Rename the vlc.exe to iv_player.exe.
    4. You might also want to configure VLC to close right after playing and always play in fullscreen.

    Thats it.

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