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Thread: batch moving pics to exif-coded directories

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    Default batch moving pics to exif-coded directories

    it would be great the possibility to define the directory name using EXIF data in the "Output directory for results files" field, in the batch dialog screen.

    e.g. D:\Pics\$E36868(%y_%m_%d)\

    would move result files in separate (eventually new) directories based on exif date like d:\Pics\09_12_31\file.jpg.

    it's something useful I'm now doing with ExifTool ( ) but it was hard to find the correct syntax.
    thanx a lot for the superb irfanview!!!

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    IrfanView will accept a directory defined by a pattern, provided that directory exists first. You would need to create the directories in DOS, probably using filenames with the EXIF date as your source. You might try doing a dummy conversion to get the date filenames and send those to your MD command. The dummy conversion can be something quick and will overwrite its own files giving you one of each date for the directories.

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