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Thread: Standardizing window size for image viewing

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    Yes, everyone asks for more features and options, but forget that it makes the program harder to use and support.

    A Word for the Over-eager

    It is OK if you use the program every day, or used it since ages, but new users often get lost in the plethora of options.

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    I literally use IrfanView every day, in most cases multiple times each day and have used it constantly ever since it was initially released decades ago.

    In fact, IrfanView is the primary reason that I still use windows ;-)

    The main reason that I noted the "remember window size..." is that I am sure that it got toggled during a recent update as I have not been in settings for over a year on this machine.

    With that in mind, I'm guessing that it might have hit other long time users. Since the updates are manually installed by users, it's also possible that the update that triggered this may not have had the same glitch in subsequent versions.

    Thanks for the response, and thanks again Irfan!

    Beverly Howard

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