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Thread: slideshow : random AND sequential picture possible ?

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    Unhappy slideshow : random AND sequential picture possible ?

    ok, i want to do something strange, i want a random slideshow wich is no problem. I use the keyboard to skip trough the pictures.

    But if i see a picture of a series of pictures i like, is it possible to use a key to go to the NEXT picture in that directory, not the next random picture in perhaps the same or another directory.

    I saw there was a shortcut key CTRL+M for random picture but in a slideshow it doesnt work (it exits the slideshow).

    Is there a way to use for instance page up/down for the previous/next picture and some other key to skip to the next RANDOM picture somewhere in the slideshow.

    So basically i would like to be able to use random picture keys and next picture keys in a slideshow. Is that even possible. To me it seems its always one or the other.
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    Hi wyvernshill,

    With IrfanView, slideshows are either random or sequential, but not a mix of both.

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    There are not many hotkeys that work during a slideshow but one is Shift+E which opens External editor 1.

    If you set up the first external editor as Irfanview itself in the Miscellaneous section of Properties/Options and make sure that Only 1 instance of Irfanview is active is unchecked in the Start/Exit options section, then you can press Shift+E during your random slideshow and start up another copy of Irfanview which will display the current image in front of the slideshow window.
    Pressing Shift+A in this new Irfanview will then automatically show the images in the folder that follow the current image. Close this copy when finished and you will still find your random slideshow behind.

    If you want to leave the random slideshow in a paused state then it is necessary to press and hold down the shift key before you press Pause. Keep holding down the shift key until you have pressed E to open the external editor.

    Not an ideal solution but it might provide you with a workaround.

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