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Thread: Problem using PhotoFiltre Studio X as external editor

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    Default Problem using PhotoFiltre Studio X as external editor

    I'm not certain it's altogether an IrfanView problem so I will also be posting this issue to the PF forum.

    Having recently installed PhotoFiltre Studio X (v10.1.0) and setting it in IrfanView 4.25 as an external editor, I've encountered a problem that can best be described as "the window won't switch." Instead of application window focus being assumed by PFS, its button in my taskbar/toolbar flashes yellow. When I click on this button, I see the image file selected in IrfanView is open and ready to edit. I would like to know if I'm missing a setting, option or pref in either app that would result in this lack of window focus behaviour.


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    AFAIK there's no way to set it through IrfanView, and I don't know if the target app has any setting that would help. You'll have to see for yourself on that. If there were command-line parameters for it, you could add them to the open-with line, but I don't know if there are. I read enough French to check out the online documentation, lol. You might have more information with the program.
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