Hello, this is my first post.
Updated to v4.25 recently, but I never noticed this bug(?) until today.
In some directories, IrfanView will load only the file opened and pressing space/backspace won't have any effects, the file counter also shows 0/0, so it appears that IV doesn't recognize the other files inside the directory.
The strangest thing is, this only happens with certain folders and it seems it's not dependent on the number or type of files in the folder. Even stranger, when i tried moving a file from such a folder to a different one where browsing worked normally, this folder would either turn unbrowsable one time or it wouldn't have any effect the other time after moving the files ouside and inside again, and this was quite random.

I tried playing with the browsing settings without much luck, though i guess it wouldn't bring much, as browsing works as intended on some folders.

I use IrfanView 4.25, Windows Vista x64