I've looked everywhere using the Search function and tried Googling this but I can't find mention of it.

I just updated Windows XP and after it wouldn't let me run the old IrfanView 3.98 so I deleted it and then installed IrfanView 4.25.

Everything seemed to be fine until I went into Photoshop CS2.

The hotkey Shift + Ctrl + I for the Inverse command in Photoshop when I have something selected, now opens IrfanView. According to the IView hotkey command this isn't even associated with IView.

I can do Inverse in Photoshop with the menu and my mouse, just not with the hotkey Shift + Ctrl + I. I triple checked this to make sure I wasn't hitting the wrong key, but I'm not.

Anybody know what to do? I've been running IrfanView since 1998 with no problem, so I hope I can figure this one out.