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Thread: Irfanview equivolent for the Mac

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    Quote Originally Posted by joelwest View Post
    5- In the Winetricks section select vc6run

    there is no way to enter any text in the box in the Winetricks section, nor is there a list displayed to select form
    This appears to be a problem with at least the last two versions of WineBottler. See the WineBottler bugtracker, ticket No. 128 for more info.
    Al S.

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    Quote Originally Posted by asavage View Post
    This appears to be a problem with at least the last two versions of WineBottler. See the WineBottler bugtracker, ticket No. 128 for more info.
    that help ticket has many people reporting the same problem but no one offering any solutions as of yet


    strangely enough I was able to create a working prefix with another windows based program that apparently did not require a selection from Winetricks to work

    is each of these Winetricks selections (in the list i do not see) a kluge someone has hacked together to make Wine work that particular windows program???

    UPDATE April 13, 2011
    I got Irfanview working on my mac notebook with Winebottler. no Winetricks were needed to make Irfanview work (or make work ANY of the other Windows programs I have installed on the mac). (my experience contradicts post #3 in this thread which said you needed the Winetrick vc6run to install Irfanview)

    I put the shortcut (Wine program wrapper) that starts Irfanview (ending with .app) in my mac desktop folder and the Irfanview folder was installed as a subdirectory of \Wine\prefixes (along with all the other Windows folders I have managed to get Winebottler to work with - Winamp 2.81, IconCatcher, JpegCrop, Photovue, Out of the Park [baseball] team color picker, Nostalgia Sim Baseball V6)

    each of the Winebottle installs creates a subfolder under \Wine\prefixes that in turns contains the dummy c drive required by a windows program. the program files are actually installed at some level of subdirectory folder under this dummy c drive (they are installed at the default program location on the c drive). in the case of Winamp 2.81 after the Winebottle install worked I took my custom skin files that I had on my pc and updated the dummy c drive directory on my mac with these files. the next time I launched Winamp on my mac the replacement skin appeared

    every successful Winebottle install creates a dummy c drive and create a basic directory skeleton under the dummy c drive folder that includes a few generic registry files and iexplorer.exe (from the evil empire). if the Winbottle install was from an install *.exe (rather than just wrapping a single Windows' exe) it scans through all the *.exe's in the dummy c drive and you must select the correct exe file that starts up the windows program you are trying to emulate on your mac

    in many respects the Winebottle wrapped Irfanview program on the mac functions the same as the pc version. however I did have trouble copying a selection on to the mac clipboard so that it could pasted back into another part of the Irfanview image in the Irfanview viewer
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    Just wondering if any of the Mac users who have got IrfanView via Winebottle have noticed a difference in overall performance? I'd love to have IrfanView on my MacBook but don't want to slow it down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jopower View Post
    I really enjoy Irfanview and know it is mainly a Win OS program and that it's likely to stay that way. I also have to use a Mac at times, but iPhoto is 2 wheels short of the wagon I want . Can anyone recommend an image viewer and manipulator of Irfanview quality and ability for the Mac that isn't a Photoshop monster?
    Just got IrfanView running on my iMac (Intel Mac running Snow Loepard), WooHoo! I used Wine 1.4.1 (currrent stable release) and Winebottler. see

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    Quote Originally Posted by texeter View Post
    ...With this advice the question of when will IrfanView be available on the Mac has been answered. It is here and available now...
    Back before May of 2008, when the power supply in my PowerMac G4 Dual MDD died, I had only used IrfanView about a dozen times on a laptop my brother lent me a year or so before. I was impressed then, and there are still things about it that keep me wanting to use it. But I wouldn't call running IV in a WINE wrapper or BootCamp "here now," any more than I'd call running KDE Dolphin or GNOME Terminal in emulation on a Mac "here now."

    Long-timers on these forums can debate the points I'm about to make and correct some of my misconceptions, but there are two things I "know" about IV that imo are well worth mentioning here. It used to be shareware. Why isn't it still shareware? Irfan, as I understand it, found some Linux code he liked and thought it would improve the application substantially. Under the GNU General Public License, even making such code Windows-friendly meant he could no longer make money from it. So it became freeware. And IV is, and will always be, Windows-native. Which makes me doubt, even in this new era of Mac-on-Intel, the possibility of making it the default image viewer in OS X.

    And as recently as 2012, some of the functions of the Thumbnails utility required QuickTime. I often wish he'd consult with Thorsten Lemke, creator and maintainer of GraphicConverter and GraphicConverter X. Hr. Lemke has done some wonderful things with QuickTime, using code in it that is not too often invoked. With a little time and work, great custom transitions in slideshows and dynamic positioning of captions and other metadata in full-screen mode could be brought to Windows by way of IV. Irfan opened the door, so to speak, and I encourage him once again to get as much out of QT as he can. If he found out why GIMP .xcf files don't view properly outside GIMP for Windows (the answer is in a thread in these forums), imagine what he could find out about QuickTime from Hr. Lemke.

    I'd say the above suffices.

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    There's still room for two things in IrfanView: 1). Space at the bottom of each image in a full-screen slideshow to display such metadata as keywords, supplemental categories, origin etc.; 2). Space to add just those few (dozen) annoying metadata tags IrfanView can't read in, edit or save back to a file. I advocate both. BZT

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