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Thread: Preventing Video/mp3 Files From Opening

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    Question Preventing Video/mp3 Files From Opening

    I have just installed Ifranview and set it so it is the default program to open JPGs and GIFs. However, when I have multiple files in one folder and I am scrolling through them in the viewer, it is also attempting to open videos and mp3 files. How can I prevent this from happening and have the program only open picture files??

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    Welcome to the Forum, candy52. What are the file extensions you have associated with IrfanView? Do ensure that you have NOT selected 'Select all' (File Types). If you have, change to 'Images only'.

    To do that, click on Options, Properties and Settings (or simply press 'p' when IrfanView is running). Then, select the item 'Extensions' in the pop-up window - its the third item on the left top of the pop-up window.

    I usually create a new folder and copy all the images I want to flip through into it, leaving out everything I do not want. If I need to edit any of them, I save it back to its original folder. This way, I save my final images in the original folder. When finished, the new folder is flushed down the Recycle Bin - my final images are in the original folder anyways!

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