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Thread: Enlarging photos/pictures.

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    I am starting with a high-res image of a diagram that really should be printed on a 17x22 sheet, but all I have is 8 1/2 x 11 printers. Is there an easy way to divide the image into 4 pieces that will match up exactly when printed on 4 pages and joined together?

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    I think you have posted in the wrong place. What you are asking is not what this thread was discussing. You should really have posted in the Support section.
    However what you are asking is something that has been discussed several times before. Try this thread.

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    You can easily crop the image into four quarters and print each portion on one sheet. The "match up exactly" bit is the hard part. You're likely to have to do some careful work with a scalpel or craft knife.

    For work like this, I always recommend using a DTP program, which is designed for printing posters. Even the free version of PagePlus can do this job well. Just place your drawing on 17" x 22" page, and use the Print Preview to tile the sheets with the desired overlap.

    Another way is to save the image as a PDF, much better if it was produced in a drawing program, as it's a vector format, then print it from PDF-XChange.

    IrfanView can do many things, but it's not the best tool for this job.
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