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Thread: Batch rename does not use leading '0'

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    Talking Batch rename does not use leading '0'

    I like the 'Batch\Conversion Rename fuction, but it does not recognise '0' as a starting number in in the 'Starting counter' in the 'options' section, under 'Batch Rename Settings'.

    For example, I want to rename a batch starting with 04981, but it changes it to 4981, and drops the leading '0'.

    Thx for the wonderful product, I have been using it since I heard about it on Leo Laport's show in the old Tech TV days!


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    I have never tried a number that big. I assume you did put 5 # signs in the pattern field?

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    You got it Mij, it really all depends upon the number of place holders (the #'s) used. I just tried two tests
    1) Where I renamed 8 images starting with the name "image#####" and the counter at 1.
    The result was "image00001.jpg" through "image00008.jpg"

    Then, because I wondered if the OP was having a problem with the image name starting with only the count, with no words or characters as a prefix, so I then
    2) Renamed another 8 images with the name "#####" and the count at 1. The result was "00001.jpg" through "00008.jpg"
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