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Thread: Irfanview causing Windows 7 to freeze up

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    Angry Irfanview causing Windows 7 to freeze up

    Irfanview is constantly causing Windows 7 to freeze, in which I have to manually shut off the laptop, as Windows Explorer is no longer functional. Ctrl Alt Del does not respond.

    How? Mostly through copy & paste. I use / used to use Irfanview in conjunction with other programs, and would copy and paste, and edit, crop etc. numerous images. But once Irfanview stops responding, Windows 7 locks up and only a hard reset solves this issue.

    I cannot use Irfanview anymore unless this issue is solved. Thanks.

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    bohdan, I am not on Win7, so cannot reproduce the issue at my end. However, this has not been reported by members who do run IrfanView - on both the 32-bit and the 64-bit versions. I had also run IrfanView on Windows 7 RC (32-Bit) and never encountered the issue you are facing.

    When this happens, whatever the reason, it would be pretty frustrating, I can understand... SO do try out the following:

    1. Check if your Plug-ins and IrfanView are the same version. If not, upgrade
    2. If that doesn't solve your problem, uninstall IrfanView. Use the Advanced option of Revo Uninstaller (freeware version) to completely get rid of the current installation and re-install IrfanView using default options.
    3. Check whether IrfanView or some other program is your default program for graphic files. It is best to select all Image file formats to be opened with IrfanView

    Hope this helps, or someone else in here has the solution!
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    Only somewhat related, but I've had similar issues w/ IrfanView freezing in Windows 7. In my case, it's Win7 Pro x64, Irfanview 4.27.
    During a batch conversion job:
    a) some large (250MB+ multi-page)TIFF files are skipped
    b) the application freezes while processing a random image
    c) all files are located on a windows server & accessed via. a UNC path

    When it locks up, killing the process via. Task Manager has no effect. Attempting to kill the process or threads using the SysInternals Process Explorer doesn't work either. Windows will freeze up if I attempt to do a log-off or restart... the only way to recover the system is w/ a hard reset.

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    I use Win 7 x64, but I haven't had this problem yet. But I'm not using IV for large batch processing.
    So you should contact Irfan directly, because he don't read this forum.

    Regards, Nils.

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