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Thread: Unable to open jpg file

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    Default Unable to open jpg file

    Received a jpg file from China. Opens no problem with or IE. IV says "can't read file header". The funny part is that when I upload it to an online storage, then download it, IV can open it.

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    Hi drahcir,

    Which version of IrfanView you're using?
    Have you enabled the Unicode plugin?

    using V4.23:

    see: \Options\Properties/Settings...\Misc. 1\

    (Click to view full size!)

    using V4.25:

    see: \Options\Properties/Settings...\Language\

    (Click to view full size!)

    Use also the forum search using key words like: "unicode", "ansi2unicode.dll", "character set", "language", ...


    - "Incomplete Support of Unicode in Thumbnail Window?"
    - "Unicode support not present or not working on 4.25"
    - "Can't open files in non-English directories"
    - "failed to open image file with chinese character file name"
    - "Viewer skips some jpg's"
    - "don't support non-English path"

    If these facts doesn't help and in order to verifying your report, please pack a sample file (in zip format) and upload it into the forum! Then also we are able to see the same as you!
    (The maximum size for uploading zip files is 2,86 MB.)


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    Fixed, thank you.

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