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Thread: Colour wash-out.... Help!!

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    Default Colour wash-out.... Help!!


    I have just received a OmniVision Digital Image Copier from a seller on Ebay. It came with a disk which contains the disk driver and PhotoImpressions 6. I have been trying to invert the scanned negative into a normal picture, to no avail, so I downloaded Irfanview as recommended in an online forum for other people having the same problems.

    I found that Irfanview is a lot more detailed and intuitive, however, when i clicked 'negative', the colours inverted to a very washed out colour. I am scanning from a negative which I initially got processed at a shop and got a print made of, and the colour differnce is just too much to correct, despite attempting to adjust on the colour and contrast balance. Even if i did try to use photoshop to correct the problem, it would just be too time consuming to be worth the effort.

    I am new to photography, starting with an analogue camera, and will be scanning a lot. I did not know that the film scanners just take a direct snapshot of the negative, rather than to convert it into a proper image.

    Does anyone have the same problem and can suggest a solution? I have been fighting with the computer all day trying to get this scanner to work, and I am seriously considering sending the scanner back to the seller.

    Any suggestions would be very much appreciated!

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    Have you tried adjusting the scanner setting?

    I hate to say, but a lot of stuff on eBay is there because it was replaced with something that works better. I have an Epson V500 photo scanner that I bought new because my new computer wouldn't accept the old cheap junk I had. I wanted something that would do slides and negatives, as long as I had to get a new one anyway. The Epson is awesome, I've scanned everything from old slides to cigar boxes.
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    I wonder if the digital negation of a photo has the same algoritm as inverting an analog negative..
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