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Thread: Batch Conversion / Rename crashs IrfanView 4.27

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    Default Batch Conversion / Rename crashs IrfanView 4.27

    I am using IrfanView 4.27 on a windows 7 box. Ever since upgrading to 4.27, I have noticed that 'Batch Conversion / Rename' crashs IrfanView. I have not figured out any pattern yet. Possibly long file names? It happens after I select the files and click <add>. Then IrfanView crashes. I get the following error message is from windows: "IrfanView has stopped working, Windows is checking for a solution to the problem." Which of course it never does. To make matters worse, I do it one more time and ... this time it works fine on the same files after 5 failures. I NEVER had this issue with any prior version until the 4.27 upgrade.
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