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Thread: IrfanView can't play a divX avi file.

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    Default IrfanView can't play a divX avi file.

    IrfanView 4.27 only plays the sound (no video at all, but no error messages). The avi files play correctly with WMP 11 and DivX Plus player. The latest plugins and codecs are installed, but there is still no picture. DivX player gives me the following info: video render= Direct3d video renderer, video decoder = DivX ASP decoder 6.8.2, video format = DivX video, audio decoder = Thompson mp3 surround audio decoder, audio format = mpeg-1 layer-3 audio (mp3) (tag 85).

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    Download and install the free K-Lite Codec Pack and your problems should be solved!

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    Thanks for the suggestion.

    K-lite Codec Pack does not help. The result is sound only (the video does not play). The codec pack was already installed.


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    Default Found solution

    The problem turned out to be that "Use DirectShow for playing ..." was not checked under [Options]-[Properties/Settings]-[Video/Sound]

    Thanks for your help

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