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Thread: Artifacts and Slow Speed with Animated GIFs

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    Yes the animated GIF that Skirmant posted does run slower in Irfanview v4.36 than in Firefox or Chrome on my computer too, unlike the previous ones that have been posted. Image quality looks much the same though in any of the applications. I tried Irfanview v4.28, the oldest version I have on my hard disk, and that was no different but I did dig out an old floppy disk with v3.00 on it and that does play it at the faster speed, so somewhere along the line it does seem to have changed.

    I suppose you could report it to Irfan Skiljan and send him that file. He was very proud to have been the first in the field with animated GIFs all those years ago so he might feel motivated to do something about it (particularly if you mention that Xnview still plays it at full speed).

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    Sorry, but I had to revive this one...
    When I open this 800 x 800 pixels animated GIF, IrfanView shows what looks like "grid artifacts". When I hit Enter to see it in full screen all gets well, also when I hit Enter again to get it back to normal view. I guess it has to do with the zoom IV does to fit the image 1:1 in the first place, right? TIA.

    Click image for larger version. 

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