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Thread: Splitting Scanned images/pictures automatically

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    Default Splitting Scanned images/pictures automatically

    Is there a quick way to split images that are part of a single image file ?
    I'm aware that I can crop the original file a few times to split it, but I'm looking for a more efficient way.

    When scanning pictures with a flatbed scanner, several pictures could be part of a single file.
    In between the pictures, there is usually a "white" space, or at least a very steep transition.
    I'm hoping that there is a built-in or plug-in feature that would find those transitions and split the original file into multiple files (one per picture).


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    I think you would have to do it with a batch file, cropping the image six times with different options. That's only worth the effort if you are scanning dozens of slides. Otherwise, crop, save, undo is the easiest way. The crop size can be saved and just moved for each new crop and save operation.

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    The best solution that I found with much searching is a plugin for a free application called GIMP.
    Batch file processing doesn't make sense wihout some intelligent image separating. For example like others mentioned, they have utilties that can split an image from a certain point position in the image but when photos aren't placed perfectly and evenly aligned on the scan plate, even then you have issues using scaled separation. This one solution below is more of an intelligent batch feature.

    GIMP is a free image editor like Photoshop and you can download it here. (Many hard core and even some new users can't deal with it's interface or limited feature set but it serves a purpose at times) So far I don't know of a plugin for photoshop that can do this same intelligent cropping.

    The following is a link to a GIMP Plugin Registry called Divide Scanned Images.

    To install the above script: In most browsers, right click on the the downloadable file and choose download and save it into your GIMP scripts directory and restart GIMP.
    •After GIMP is started with this plugin copied to the correct folder, you will see a menu item under FILTERS called BATCH TOOLS and then the submenu called BATCH DIVIDE SCANNED IMAGES...
    •The following dialog if you're lucky you just select the input folder (LOAD FROM) with all the JPG's you'd like to split /break apart.
    •Then you'd select the output folder (SAVE DIRECTORY).
    •Then you'd select the maximum number of scans possible in a JPG (ABORT LIMIT)
    •Then click OK and watch the magic!

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