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Thread: Runtime error with video clips

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    Default Runtime error with video clips

    Hi all, I loved Irfanview for my pictures, but since I tried to mix then with video clips I'm driven crazy by the intermittend: "Runtime error". (No further explanation apart from path+filename of i_view.exe and the top of the box tells me the message comes from the C++ runtime library.)
    After clicking OK (which is not always possible) Irfanview closes.
    Sometimes I'm left with no taskbar and have to restart using CtRl+Alt+Del.

    What is particularly vexing is that, after lots of fiddling (see underneath), everything seems to work OK, and I think I've cracked the problem. But then, next day, there it is again! And I don't seem to be able to reproduce either the problem or the resolution in a reliable manner.
    HELP - please???

    Let me point out that there's no problem when I set I_view to use an external player (Media Player), but as I love I_view especially for making nice slideshows, with pics and videoclips intermixed, using the external viewer gives me no joy as it looks awful.
    Some more facts:
    - I'm running on WindowsXP Pro, SP3 fully updated, ánd another computer on windows 7 Home, also fully updated. All computers give the same behaviour.
    - the video clips are from my Canon camera. (.avi files)
    - I have Quick-time installed (and quick-time itself displays the clips no trouble, as does Media player).
    - Instead of the error mentioned above, I used to get a different error: a message that the vids codec could not be found. I think this was when NOT checking "use Quicktime".
    I downloaded many codecs (notably ffdshow), without any result.
    - A tip from some (this?) forum suggested I should rename the files from .avi to .mpg. Initially I thought I'd found the solution there! But it was only partly: though I hardly ever get the error about the missing codec anymore (whatever the settings), the runtime error is still very much with me.

    Now for the weird stuff:
    - Most of the clips play OK; It's always just one particular file in a 'slideshow' which gives me problems. However: it's not always the same file! After completely resetting the computer, it may be a different file which generates the error.
    - Most of the time, the clips play fine when started individually; it's only when running the 'slideshow' that the error occurs. However, after this error did occur, I a cannot play the file even if I open it directly. Although I can't be sure, I definitely think that using 'Slideshow' has got something to do with it.
    - There seems, in fact, to be a sort of 'cache effect' going on: whenever I get the error, I keep on getting it. And the way to put things right again seems to just 'fiddle around a lot' with the video settings. When last time I solved the problem by checking the "Use QuickTime" checkbox, next time I can only solve it by UNchecking this checkbox. When last time UNchecking "Use direct show" fixed it, next time the show only runs when checking it.

    As I've not seen this problem on this forum, and I have it on 3 different computers with different OS's, I must suppose it's something in the format of the Canon video clips combined with some peculiarities of Irfanview.
    I DO hope someone can help...

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    The only things that I suggest to you:

    Sorry that I didn't answer exactly your text! But your text is too long for me!
    Maybe another forum user can answer to all passages of your whole text!

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