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Thread: Trouble with scanning to PDF

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    Question Trouble with scanning to PDF


    I have installed the ImPDF plug-in but I don't get the intended result:

    * IrfanView acquires/scans an image from my scanner and converts it into a PDF file, but the resolution (in the pdf) is very low so that it is not useable. The scanned image itself, as I see it in IrfanView, is perfectly OK. What can be wrong?

    * If I click 'Options' in the Acquire/Batch Scanning - Setup window, I do not get the many tabs that the ImPDF site shows I should get. I get only two tabs, 'General' and 'Im PD'F', in which there is not much to set or adjust. (I suspected that my installation may be faulty, so I deleted and re-installed the ImPdf.dll with a fresh download. The problem still exists).

    Your help would be welcome!

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    Red face

    The problem was resolved off-forum by ComSquare/ImPDF:

    if there is an options dialog just showing two tabs then you should get the options dialog during preview of the save operation.
    Irfanview disabled this in 4.27 by setting the internal “be silent” flag , you have to ask Irfan for the reason.

    The only thing you may do in the moment (and this may be your prefered way to handle scanning) is to select “Preview not needed” in the general tab.
    If this button is selected you will immediately see the other tabs.

    The second issue, the low resolution of the pdf, was caused by a too low resolution of the original scan:

    You should scan text with a dpi setting of minimum 200dpi. Then you can play with the compression rate.

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