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Thread: Keep the text off the picture in Slideshow/Full Screen mode

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    Default Keep the text off the picture in Slideshow/Full Screen mode

    This goes along with item #1 in my signature line. If Irfan could manage this, I believe IrfanView would be the first (if not the most widely-used) Windows app to have this accomplished.

    Barring this: it would certainly be welcome to introduce a warning dialog, letting the user know that some metadata "may tend to run the length of your screen's visible area," or something phrased similarly to that, with an "Are you sure ...?" and the usual Yes/No buttons to go with it. The tags and fields I have in mind are JPEG comment, IPTC caption and EXIF photo user-comment or image-description.

    I hope what I'm requesting is easily understood as I've phrased it. I made a similar request (twice) on the XnView forums and Pierre confided in a reply on the second thread that he wasn't sure he got what I was saying.

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    There's still room for two things in IrfanView: 1). Space at the bottom of each image in a full-screen slideshow to display such metadata as keywords, supplemental categories, origin etc.; 2). Space to add just those few (dozen) annoying metadata tags IrfanView can't read in, edit or save back to a file. I advocate both. BZT

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