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Thread: Before you post ...

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    Default Before you post ...

    Please edit your profile:

    Add your IrfanView and Windows version to your forum signature so that we and other users see what version/OS you are using !

    Due to the Dual Core problems with the thumbnail viewer you can also tell us the number of CPU cores you use.

    Board Rules

    §1: Manners

    Treat others as you want to be treated. Flaming, insults or defamation will not be tolerated. Use a friendly conversation tone.

    §2: Responsibility

    All messages express the views of the author, and should not be taken as representative. Links to illegal material are not allowed.

    §3: Read First and Post Later

    Before asking a question, please use the "Search" function in the forum and read the IrfanView helpfile. Many questions are already answered!

    §4: Ask Questions the Right Way

    All new threads must use a topic title that is understandable and which describes the content of the thread clearly. Furthermore, all new threads must be started in the correct forum categories, and must be posted only once in the entire forum. If the ImageShack function is used, members should use the thumbnail function with big images. That reduces loading times and helps other users who might not be interested in the images.

    §5: Substantiation and Clarification

    Members are urged to support their statements with references and, if reporting a bug, to help others recreate it by giving clear step-by-step instructions.

    §6: Private Messages

    Please do not use Private Messages to the moderators extensively. Ask all support questions in the forum.

    §7: Advertisement

    All members must refrain from using the forum for advertising purposes!

    §8: Spamming

    Please do not write senseless posts, or bump your thread by asking repeatedly if anyone could answer ... All posts will be read and a reaction will come sooner or later. If no answer is forthcoming perhaps more information will help.

    §9: Breach of the Rules

    If the rules are violated, sanctions include editing posts, deleting posts or deleting and blocking users.

    Now have fun here and thanks for joining us !

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    Guidelines on Formatting Posts

    There is no need to format your posts at all, but the options are there, if you want to use them.

    • Avoid the use of coloured text for the entire post as it is harder to read.
    • Use bullets or numbered lists to organise your thoughts
    • Break long passages into paragraphs
    • Avoid underlining, it looks like a link, but is not. Italics is preferable for emphasis.

    You can paste a direct link in several ways:

    • Just type a valid address. and it will be automatically converted to a link.
    • Select some text first, then use the Link Icon to make it into a link: Download
    • Select a smiley or graphic, then use the Link Icon to make it into a link:
    • You can post links to pictures too: Grosberg Toolbar

    There is no need to SHOUT (all caps is harder to read and is considered to be bad forum etiquette, like shouting). Use bold or italic formatting instead.

    Any posts that use very large print for the entire post may be edited. Use a larger font size for a heading by all means, but using a large font for the whole post is impolite. If you are short-sighted like me, use your browser to zoom in as much as you need to read the standard text size comfortably.
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    Edit your forum signature to add details of your IrfanView version, OS, hardware specs, etc.

    It saves us having to ask.

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