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Thread: Imaged blurred when printing via command line

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    Default Imaged blurred when printing via command line

    Howdy - I use a DOS command line to print all the tif and pdf files we have in a particular directory. The files have to be printed in alphabetical order. I collect all the file names via a vbs script and the FOR command to parse each line. I then use "i_view32.exe /print" to print the files individually - one every 6 seconds. Some of the PDFs are blurry, but some are not. I have even tried adding the "/sharpen" switch but that does not help. The interesting part is when I open the blurry PDFs with Irfanview and print them, they look fine. If someone can let me know why the printing through DOS would be blurry, I'd really appreciate it.

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    Hard to say without having any of the files to see if there are differences. Have you tried printing any of the blurred ones through the graphical interface?
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    I did a little more investigating and determined the pdf is actually blurry when viewed and printed through the graphical interface. I guess I now need to find out why the pdf looks fine when viewed through Adobe Reader but not in Irfanview. Thanks for your help.

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