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Thread: Extract Frames from Optimized GIF Animations

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    Default Extract Frames from Optimized GIF Animations

    When trying to extract all the frames from into any format (I've tried BMP & GIF), I get bad exports of frames 4 thru 24.

    It's probably because those frames use frame optimization (I'm guessing frame differencing).

    The only workaround seems to be to load the GIF animation in e.g. a browser and use IrfanView to snap screenshots.

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    Its not a bug. It is a feature request.

    IrfanView does not currently support extracting optimised GIF images. Try FastStone Viewer — that does what you want. Not so good for other tasks, but better for this. It can also create animated GIFS from the individual frames, which IrfanView also cannot do.

    IrfanView extracts the frames as it finds them. If some frames only contain the differences to a previous frame, that is all there is to extract.

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