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Thread: Convert ai, cdr, wmf file into png

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    Question Convert ai, cdr, wmf file into png

    Hi experts,

    I am using irfan view & addin to convert file formats like eps to png in my application under .net environment.

    Irfanview supports multiple formats to convert.

    But I am not able to convert cdr, wmf, ai, ppt file.

    Please can you help me in this case.

    Thanks in advance.

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    See the list of supported file formats!

    There you can see whether the program supports the formats!
    And you can see also whether IrfanView can read and/or write the format(s)!

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    Thank you sir for your reply.

    The above mentioned formatare not listed in supported format list.

    Is there any way to achive this?

    Is irfan view achive this using paid or non paid service?

    Thanks You.

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    There is no difference between paid and unpaid versions, except in the license terms — the free version is for home use only. WMF is convertible to bitmaps — other formats are not listed.

    Try Uni Convertor for CDR.

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    Thanks sir..

    Do you have any idea how to achieve this using Uni coverter.

    I have posted there same question but didn't get any reply..

    Thank you very much..

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