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Thread: Random Unintentional Slideshow

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    Answers as marked in uppercase:

    Quote Originally Posted by Mij View Post
    I am not sure that we are going to solve this one but to be quite clear about what you see and do, could you just confirm what I am assuming below so that we can at least eliminate some possibilities. Perhaps before you start the scan you could go to Options menu > Properties/Settings > Viewing tab and check "Show full path in title bar" which might give some extra information.-DONE (THIS WAS NOT SELECTED BEFORE)
    I assume;
    1. You open Irfanview but do not open a file, so the Title bar just reads Irfanview and the little box in the toolbar (that sometimes displays the image number as, for example, 14/38) is blank at this time. - CORRECT
    2. You start the scan from the Acquire entry on the File menu (not by pressing Ctrl+Shift+A).-NEVER USE THE MENU PULLDOWN, ALWAYS Ctrl+Shift+A. SHOULD I CHANGE THIS LONGTIME HABIT?
    3. The setup dialog opens and you select Single image.-YES Which other check boxes are checked in this dialog? CLOSE TWAIN DIALOG & REMEMBER LAST SCAN COUNTER. SKIP EXISTING FILES IS CHECKED, BUT GREYED. DESTINATION DIRECTORY IS JUST C:\ (NO SPECIFIC FOLDER-ALSO GREYED) You press OK.-YES (OR HIT ENTER)
    4. The Scangear dialog is shown and you select your options there and then select Scan. Is it at this point that the unwanted slideshow sometimes starts or after the scan has finished? USUALLY DURING THE SCANNING PROCESS. ITS STILL RUNNING WHEN SCAN COMPLETES. NO IDEA WHAT HAPPENS TO THE SCAN AS THE SLIDESHOW IS USING THE VIEWER.
    5. What is shown in the Title bar and in that image number box on the toolbar
    (a) on the occasions when the scan completes successfully ?-SCANIMAGE001. IT USUALLY INCREMENTS FROM THERE AS I LEAVE THE PROGRAM OPEN AND KEEP SCANNING.
    (b) when the slideshow decides to start up ?-HAVE TO WATCH FOR THAT ONE-NEVER NOTICED. PROBLEM HAS'NT OCCURRED SO FAR TODAY.

    John Alden

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    Thanks John
    Nothing I can see that is wrong with what you are doing. Since you do use Ctrl+Shift+A to start the scan and Shift+A is what starts the slideshow that you see, I wondered if the order in which you take your fingers off the keys (especially Ctrl) could have any effect. Having said that I have not been able to start a slideshow that way myself and, indeed, unless I first load a file I cannot get a slideshow to start up using Shift+A at all. So still a mystery.

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    Sorry it took so long to respond, but the program has actually been behaving itself for a few days. Today it started again so I made some observations:

    1. Title bar changes as the slideshow progresses, listing the full path of each file as it displays.

    2. The white box next to the Properties icon in the toolbar, now counts down the images in the format current/total.

    3. Shift-A stops the process, so normal slideshow controls do apply here. Of course quitting the program stops it too and it doesn't restart the slideshow when I reopen.

    Not sure if this answers any questions or makes them worse, but any input appreciated. For now, I'm just living with it.


    John Alden

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