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Thread: Irfanview freezes during PDF to JPG conversion if you try to continue with other prog

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    Exclamation Irfanview freezes during PDF to JPG conversion if you try to continue with other prog

    Steps: "In IrfanView (with plugins and Ghostscript), Options menu, Extract All Frames to write all the pages of a PDF file out to a set of JPEG pages."

    Conversion starts but hangs if you try to move its window around to work on other stuff during the conversion, e.g. check email do other things, surf the web.

    In fact, during conversion, Irfanview doesn't allow its Window to be moved or resized or minimised.

    It seems that mouse events and windows events seem to trigger something in Irfanview to hang/freeze while it is doing the conversion.

    One should expect to be able to get on with other work during the conversion and not have this affect Irfanview after all we live in a multi-tasking operating system era. I'd also like to run multiple Irfanview conversions so as to do several PDFs at once.

    See on Windows XP Pro 32bit Pentium 4 D, 1Gb RAM and Windows 7 Home 32bit, 2Gb RAM, Core 2 Duo.

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    Lightbulb The program is STILL working but the UI is frozen. The program will complete.

    Actually, I found that even though IrfanView sometimes freezes during PDF to JPG conversion, the program is still actually running because I can see new jpg files being created in the destination folder, inspecting them shows they have the page image as expected.

    It is also possible to run multiple IrfanView program instances to convert several PDF docs to JPGs at once. As I can see the different jpg filenames and their indexes being created in the destination folder.

    I'm assuming that IrfanView allows more than one instance to be run simulataneously, and that the temporary workspace data is designed as such that each instance has its own so that it doesnt get overwritten by the others.

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    Exclamation Don't run multiple instances of IrfanView PDF to JPG

    ...because the program does not manage separate data for each instance, temporaryy data created during the conversion is in one place so what will happen is that instances will overwrite data from others.

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