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Thread: The little red symbol for the program.

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    Default The little red symbol for the program.

    I am currently evaluating the IrfanView file viewer as a possible replacement for the problematic default Windows Picture and Fax Viewer. I like your program very well so far and it seems quite solid. There is one little thing, however, that troubles me somewhat. That is the little red symbol for the program. When I tell Windows to make IrfanView the default program to open .jpg files this red symbol (icon?) replaces the standard one that Windows uses whenever you open a folder with a list of pictures in it. The reason this is a problem for me is that red is the color of alarm in computers and seeing a long list of these small red symbols to the left of a list of graphic files sends a subliminal message to my inner brain of concern. No offense but the red symbol when very small like this looks like a bug or, if you will, a virus. That is probably why my instincts are alerted when I see a big list of them when I open a folder. Again, this has nothing to do with the quality of the program itself which seems quite good. It is just a user interface issue that you may not have heard about yet. Maybe I am the only one that has said anything so far about this. I hear that a lot about other things too. I know many people are too lazy to write even if something bugs them (no pun intended). Anyway, as I said the program is fine but I would like a way to change the symbol for the program when it is the default program for a lot of files.

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    From Options, Properties, Settings, Extensions, Icons, you can select a different icon such as the Panda icon. Different icon sets are available via plugins. Try a Google image search for "IrfanView Icons."

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    Smile Thank You very much!

    Bhikkhu Pesala: Thank You very much! That worked! I looked but did not see that option originally. I don't know why I missed it but thank you!


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