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Thread: Timed Screenshot capture - not showing screensaver

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    Question Timed Screenshot capture - not showing screensaver

    I use the timed screenshot capture feature of Irfanview to periodically capture images of what I'm working on to help me track my time. Recently, I upgraded from Windows XP to Windows 7 and the behavior has changed. On XP, if the screenshot was taken when the screen was lock, the shot would be entirely black, which was handy for letting me know that I wasn't at the computer. In Win7, it doesn't do this but just captures the screen as if there was no screensaver/lock screen shown.

    Is there a way to restore the old behavior or otherwise indicate that the screen was locked?

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    Bumping this thread, once and only once.

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    Hi, AFAIK Win 7 uses something like virtual screens. So the locked screen is an other one as your user screen. And since you can switch the user account every user will have it's own screen. So it might be possible that you can't do this anymore with Win 7.

    Off topic: I'm looking for a tool like a transparent screen saver. First, it seems to be very useless, but I can use it as a protection system and see what is going on on the computer. But for using the computer I would have to enter the correct password. But it seems not as easy to have a program which will do this...

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