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    It seems that I cannot pass command line parameters to external editors in recent versions of IrfanView, for example to call jhead with a certain command line option (?).

    Actually, I would like to call a batch job to perform some complex manipulation with ImageMagick based on this selection. So what I would need is a possibility to even adress the variables displayed in the title bar of IrfanView's program window, say $w for the width of the selection.

    So I would like to define a command line like

    batch $f $x $y $w $h

    ($f being the filename)

    Furthermore, I would prefere several hotkeys for all external "editors".

    Wolfgang Hugemann

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    I just had to deal with the same problem again. IrfanView still only passes the filename to any external editor.

    My solution (since 2012) has been to call AutoHotKey, which cuts IrfanViews title bar text into the desired variables and transfer them along with the filename to a batch (which then manipulates the image by the use of ImageMagick).

    I still think that the use of variables for the values displayed in IfranViews title bar would be a more straightforward solution.

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