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Thread: Resizing a JPEG file from 72 ppi to 300ppi

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    Question Resizing a JPEG file from 72 ppi to 300ppi

    I've been trying to re-size JPEG images that were batch converted from TIFF files to JPEG with the Infra View software. When they were converted from TIFF to JPEG files, they came from 4288x2848x300 ppi TIFF files but were converted to only 72 ppi JPEG files. Due to a need to have a higher resolution for all of the converted JPEG files, I need to have the converted JPEG files at a resolution of 300 ppi and hopefully at the same 4288x2848 size.

    First, can this be done?
    Second, can it be done with the converted 72 ppi JPEG files, or do the original 300ppi TIFF files have to be converted again to new JPEG files with a 300ppi resolution, somehow?

    If any of those options are possible, what are the DETAILED actions necessary to accomplish my ultimate resolution and file type goals? Thank you...

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    You must convert the original full resolution images again, unless your 72 ppi JPEG files are also 4288 x 2848 pixels.

    Batch Processing

    If a printer is asking for 300 ppi images, you may not need the full size of 4288x2848 pixels — that's big enough for a 14" x 8.5" print. If your images are only 3" x 2" on the page, then you need only 900 x 600 pixels. Printers sometimes just look at the ppi, find its less than 300, and ask for a higher resolution image regardless of how big it is going to be printed on the page. A 900 x 600 pixel image at 72 ppi will be fine if printed at only 3" x 2"

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